Thursday, 15 March 2012

Turning Thirty

So tomorrow I turn 30. 30 to me is grown up. It's real. It's official. It's as grown up as you can get. Do I feel ready for it? I don't honestly know. But sitting here in the last few hours of my 20's I can't help but think about what I have accomplished with my life so far. As always it's easier to list the things I haven't done so I'll jump in there first.

I haven't broken new ground in my chosen career path. I haven't really even chosen my forever career path to be honest.

I haven't written a book, although ideas and the need to let my fingers run across the keyboard bubbles inside on a daily basis.

I haven't helped someone, a group of people, a community, totally selflessly.

But what have I done?

I have met the man of my dreams. I've married him and I'm building an amazing life with him.

I have grown and birthed two amazing, perfect, healthy little babies. I have held them in my arms, breathed them in and felt our souls synch as we hold each other tight. I have watched those babies grow, helped them as they learn new skills and begin the journey of their own lives. I have wiped away tears, shared in belly laughs, had countless tea parties and swum through imaginary oceans.

I have forged a new relationship my parents as I have grown. No longer the child needing help with everything, I am now on an equal footing with my parents. We are grownups together, parenting and learning every single day. I have the privilege of flitting between my roles of child and friend whenever I need.

I have grown enough to recognise which were the childish dreams of my past and which were the ones made of gold, to be held close and chased.

I've learnt how important it is to embrace your past, both the good and the bad, and to let it shape you in a good way.

I have studied and excelled at University. I have shown myself that I am able to tackle any challenge I take on. I have discovered how much I love the academic field, how much I love studying and learning and growing, and learnt that I am in fact damn good at it.

I have travelled the world. I have seen places I dreamt of as a child, I have tasted dishes that took my breath away, walked through streets that made my heart sing. I have learnt how important travel is to me.

I have learnt a lot, I have come a long way, I have a hell of a long way to go. And by god I am looking forward to every single moment of it, a sticky little hand in each of mine and a smile from my husband.

Life is good. :)
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